Property Management is not a new industry; however, it is an industry that has changed plenty over the years. Most of these changes have occurred due to the rise in technology and in the most part, the changes that have been made are making the industry even better and better.

But what are these changes and what have they meant for property management as a whole?

Property management needs to be more flexible

One of the main ways that property management services have changed is the fact that it needs to be more flexible. Our lives are not quite so 9-5 at the moment, which means that when it comes to viewing properties and to making sure that they are in the best condition possible, property management also needs to take a fluid and flexible approach.

Email is a go to?

Back in the day, if we wanted to query something on a property, then we would pick up the phone and call the people concerned. However, things just don’t seem to work this way anymore. We now turn to our email clients in order to send over queries or to find out more about the property. Email is not only easier, but we also are more likely to expect an answer immediately, even if that is out of hours.

We mix old and new

Whilst it is exciting to have all this new technology at our disposal and be able to use it to ensure that property management works the best that it can. The truth is, that some things really don’t need changing if they work well. This means that those who work in the property management industry are embracing the new tech, whilst still utilising the old methods that they have relied on so much over the years.

Of course, it is great to think that there are new techniques and tools that could prove useful for the future of the industry and also having new people rising in their career who want to use them. But, this doesn’t mean that we should ever give up on tried and tested methods from the past.

Clients expect more

Whilst good service has always been a must have, there has definitely been an upturn in the service levels that clients require. Not only in property management but across the board too. This means that those who work in the industry need to try their best to provide the very best service. There are so many ways that they can be done. It might be better response times, a quicker and effectively resolved service. Or simply better results. Whatever it is, you need to do your best to make sure that you deliver exactly what it is that they are looking for and maybe some more too.

Looking at how the property management industry has changed over the years, we can see the difference. We can also look forward to the future and try to see what it might hold for us all. Of course, we don’t know what might happen (the past year has been a sign of this) but we can think about the things that may happen and be prepared for them.

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