Our Property &

Asset Capabilities

We offer clients an expert consultancy service for a full range of property and place development projects. Attention to detail and efficient delivery are essential elements of our service. We are in the business of helping people to enhance the value of any asset.

Property & Asset Management
Mixed-use Developments

These are developments where our management strengths in the commercial, retail and residential sectors are combined with expertise in developing places alongside thorough community involvement. We are experienced in developing and managing some of London’s finest mixed-use developments.

Property & Asset Management
Flexible Workspaces

Today, effective collaboration between people in all areas of work is vital for efficiency and for the benefit of the community. Our approach to property management has always followed this route, giving us the skills to manage all kinds of flexible workspaces with a diverse range of occupiers, boosting creativity and productivity.

Property & Asset Management
Commercial Property Management

We manage a wide range of commercial properties that includes industrial estates, office buildings, single-use retail buildings, and mixed-use developments. Our team includes RICS Chartered Surveyors who can help to prepare valuations, structural surveys and schedules of dilapidation, lease renewal negotiations and rent reviews. A vital part of our service is to develop strategies for improving a client’s property investment value via effective place making and efficient asset management.

Property & Asset Management

Our complete build to rent service includes initial consultancy advice designed to stimulate the BTR market as well as enhance performance in the private rental sector. Right through to through to final delivery and management, we provide invaluable advice on the priorities of investors and new residential trends, which inform our planning strategy and improve product performance.

Property & Asset Management
Estate & Block Management

We provide flexible solutions for the management of estate and residential or mixed-use blocks, which are always tailored to the residents’ needs and the needs of the community. Decision-making will involve all key people on the estate or residing in the block, with the aim of improving our customers’ satisfaction. We are committed to the basics of good management – expertise, accurate financial reporting, community involvement, and health and safety.

Property & Asset Management
Affordable Housing

We work with a broad range of housing associations and their partners. This includes local authorities, banks, and a range of investment organisations. We offer a comprehensive consultancy service, which includes planning and development, surveying and renovation, through to project delivery and management support..

Property & Asset Management
Sports & Leisure Destinations

Leisure and sports developments demand a team of developers that is able to harness a broad range of skills throughout the life of a project, from surveying the property prior to development and viewing it as a specialised type of asset, through to the development stage and then the management stage after completion. Our team will also offer effective policies for engaging new occupiers, onsite and service charge management, and support for branding and marketing.

Property & Asset Management
Student Accommodation

We offer a comprehensive service for managing student accommodation, from acquisition of property and design consultancy, through to lettings management, property and service charge management and maintenance services.

Property Development & Investment
Property Investment

Whether investing nationally or overseas, in either commercial or residential properties, we know that a landlord’s expectations will always be for the highest standards in all aspects of the development. Transparency of communication with clients is essential, as is compliance with all local regulations – on finance, building, and Health and Safety. To ensure the maintenance of high standards, we have a hands-on approach to managing all our assets.

Property Development & Investment
Development Project Management

We provide project management services on any type of development project, from initial design and planning, budgeting and procurement, through to completion and management of the finished and occupied property.

We maintain a close relationship with developers and end users from the beginning of a project, ensuring that all practical and financial needs are met, and that the return on an investment is maximised.

We provide development services to owner occupiers, individual investors, national and local institutions, international property companies, and public sector stakeholders.

Property Development & Investment

When acquiring property for development, Lime Property Management initiates a thorough process of strategic planning based on detailed research, which ensures that any development is completed to the highest design and build standards. Progressive thinking – a commitment to people, quality and sustainability – is the baseline concern in all our acquisitions and developments. Our properties also showcase our commitment to a thorough understanding of what they and their tenants need in both the short and long term.

Property Consultancy
Design for Management

Our Design Team will make thorough reviews of any design and management decisions throughout the project, and give constructive recommendations for improving efficiency and reducing costs. This is an ongoing process, so that efficient management of the finished development is also assured. While we naturally focus primarily on the design stages, continuous review is beneficial for both practical and sound financial reasons. The most assured route to success in property development is to adopt the best in design for the property’s specific purpose and to listen to the individual requirements of its users. Testing of all aspects of the design is therefore essential. Advice on integrating various services for occupiers comes as part of our service. This can include advice on budgets, procurement schedules, efficient use of space and interior design, and sustainability

Property Consultancy
Planned Preventative Maintenance & Ongoing Costings

Preventative maintenance helps landlords, tenants and owner occupiers to preserve the fabric of a building. But it also delivers a financial benefit over the lifetime of a property. Planned preventative maintenance will help to reduce building management costs through increased efficiency. Alongside project plans and work schedules, our maintenance planning specialists prepare bespoke strategies detailing how work and expenditure on a client’s property can be optimised.

Property Consultancy
Lease Consultancy

Understanding the legality of a lease is vital for any property developer, who will need assurance that it contains a robust recovery procedure in case of disputes, and that their investment is secure. In consultation with clients’ legal teams, we work to develop the draft leases so that these assurances can be guaranteed.

Property Financial Services
Investor Financial Advice

With our knowledge of current legislation and local markets, we can give advice required by any financial investor and to overseas owners of all types of UK properties. We can also advise clients on tax residency law and on what structures are required to be set up when owning assets within the UK to ensure the best financial returns. Lime Property Management can advise overseas individuals or companies on all financial concerns arising out of income earned from UK properties. For commercial clients, we can also give advice on tax law regarding commercial property sales.